Everything we do reflects our investment philosophy of mutual financial success. Our beliefs – and actions – reflect that philosophy. We believe in;

Taking a Contrarian View

We believe that following the "herd mentality" leads to poor returns. Instead, we seek out undervalued assets that have not yet been discovered by the mainstream public in an effort to improve returns.


We believe portfolios should be built on fundamental analysis of the underlying securities, rather than cookie cutter investment models. In portfolio allocation, we factor in the current investment climate, as well as the objectives and the risk tolerance of each client.

Co-investing with our Clients

We believe that if we are not willing to put our money into an investment, we should not put your money into it either. Whenever feasible, we co-invest with our clients.

Aligned Interests

We believe that we should only consider our efforts successful if our client's portfolios are growing. We bank on it. Through our fee structure, DaVinci's profitability is largely tied to our performance of generating positive returns for our clients. We succeed when you succeed.