Why Choose Us

Our highly dedicated team has over 80 years of combined wealth management expertise that we put to work for your benefit – and ours. We succeed when you do.


With the highest level of wealth management professional designations and licensing, you benefit the from knowledge, seasoned expertise and experienced counsel of our Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP).


Our money is managed alongside yours. We are completely independent and are not under pressure from in-house investment banks to push product. Our investment management team undertakes its own independent due diligence before recommending any investment structure to our clients.

Fee Structure

Our performance and managed based fee structure is fully transparent and aligned with the interests of our clients. When we purchase structured deals or third party funds, we attempt to minimize embedded fees/compensation. If we can’t unbundle compensation, we rebate it to our clients to minimize fees.

Absolute Return Approach

We aim to deliver positive returns to our clients whether markets are up or down, with a lower level of volatility compared to a traditionally invested portfolio. Our investment team meets as a committee each week to review themes and investment ideas from Canada and around the globe. Each idea is analyzed thoroughly by the committee and reviewed before possible investment into our pools.

Consolidated Reporting

We combine all client accounts, such as RRSP, LIRA, Holding Company etc., in one consolidated monthly report, which is viewed and managed as one account. This allows clients to see their exposure to any one strategy or asset class, as well as seeing bottom line profit or loss for the entire household, on a dollar and percentage basis.

Service Excellence

Our objective is to preserve and grow our client's capital while delivering efficient, individualized attention and superior service. Our Portfolio Managers are fully available to our clients for discussions or portfolio review.

Real Time Management

Instead of a static, “buy and hold” approach to investing, we develop customized portfolios and then actively manage the portfolios on a continuous basis.

Unique Investment Opportunities

We offer clients access to investment opportunities, otherwise not generally accessible to private clients. Clients have opportunity to invest in high return/low volatility financial instruments that are not offered through mainstream channels.

Pooled Capital

As our capital is pooled, we have access to many investments whose minimum investment thresholds would be out of reach for most clients.. We also use our sizing to negotiate the best terms, which can lead to improved returns.