DaVinci Capital Partners - When it comes to my family's financial future, I need to be sure my advisors are qualified. DaVinci Capital Partners - My financial affairs are international. I need a firm that keeps up. DaVinci Capital Partners - I know it's important to diversify beyond just stocks and bomds. DaVinci Capital Partners - My advisors do well, if I do well. I take comfort knowing our interests are aligned. DaVinci Capital Partners - I take enough risk in my business. In my portfolio, I need risk managed.
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DaVinci Capital Partners

Our outlook is global: our focus is you

Putting clients’ first has made DaVinci Capital Partners Inc. the preferred private client management team for wealthy families in Canada and around the globe. We’re committed to individualized attention, superior service and our portfolio managers are passionate about achieving positive returns.

We go far beyond the public markets to uncover opportunities while managing risk for your peace of mind. Regardless of market direction, you can be sure your assets are protected as they’re in the custody of only the strongest financial institutions. At DaVinci, your success is our success and we invite you to learn more about what sets us apart.